Financial Planning

Financial planning provides direction and meaning to your financial decisions. It is the development and implementation of a plan to meet your life’s goals through the proper management of your finances. Help with answering complex questions will allow you to understand how one financial decision may affect other areas of your finances. Taking the big picture and breaking it down into the right small steps is crucial to reaching your ultimate goals.

We will take you every step of the way on a path that is created just for you. Your financial plan is as unique as your own personality. Our process starts with gathering relevant financial information and reviewing your situation. Financial goals are then set as your risk tolerance and time horizon are established. We finish with evaluating scenarios that strive to provide ease of implementation and peace of mind.

You deserve the best advice when planning your future. We help you evaluate your current situation, set measurable and realistic goals, and understand the effects of each financial decision. Then, we work with you as you move through the phases of your financial life.


Investment Management

We want to make sure your wealth is well cared for. But you cannot make sound investment decisions before your goals and needs have been carefully established and prioritized through the financial planning process.

The asset allocation strategies that we employ result in an investment plan tailored to your time horizon and risk tolerance—and crucial to the achievement of your goals.

An important feature is that we oversee and coordinate all of your investments. Our goal is to create a well-diversified portfolio that is sensitive to your goals, risk tolerance, cash flow, and tax situation. We monitor, report and advise you on your entire portfolio, not just the assets under our management.

Every client has a written “Investment Policy Statement” that will guide you to make investment decisions, based on your needs and comfort level. This gives you a better understanding of the decision making process and makes those decisions more meaningful.


Our Partnerships

We also maintain relationships with qualified CPAs, attorneys and long-term care specialists. If necessary, these professionals are available to assist with tax preparation, estate planning, and appropriate long-term care protection.

Review Services Inc. selects third-party service providers based on level of service and experience. All of these providers must have a minimum of five years of experience in their respective specialty along with the appropriate certifications for their field.

We make recommendations to our clients based on your unique needs and requirements. Each third-party service provider is able to deliver a particular service which we cannot provide.

Ongoing communication between the client, the third-party service provider, and us is critical to ensure a successful relationship. If at any time you believe the level of service does not meet your expectations, you should inform us as soon as possible. We will make every effort to assist our clients in resolving any conflicts.

Under no circumstances do we provide or receive compensation from third-party service providers. These relationships are strictly voluntary. Future referrals to third-party service providers are based on the quality of service to existing clients.