Financial Planning and Wealth Management Process

Review Services, Inc. (RSI) helps our clients visualize, define, and achieve their most important personal and financial goals. Our purpose lies in helping you align your financial choices with your higher values. To this end, RSI specializes in creating and implementing a comprehensive personalized financial and wealth management plan for each client.

As your primary financial advisor, RSI manages the efforts of a professional team of advisors, which includes an attorney, CPA, and other disciplines as needed. RSI actively participates in the creation and management of each client's financial wealth through an emphasis in six primary areas:

  • Retirement Planning – plan for the coordination of benefits and resources necessary to achieve a long-term successful retirement.
  • Income & Tax Planning - minimize state and federal income tax now and in the future while shielding income from the effects of inflation.
  • Debt Management -use debt prudently and consistently with your comfort levels.
  • Investment Management -weigh risk vs. returns with emphasis on asset allocation, global diversification, and tax efficiency.
  • Risk Management - coordinate life, health, and disability insurance, as well as long-term care protection and appropriate emergency reserves.
  • Estate Planning - preserve and protect the value of your estate, plan your legacy, and manage charitable activities.

For each client engagement, RSI provides a comprehensive financial plan, a supervised step-by-step wealth management implementation process, and ongoing investment portfolio management supported by quarterly comprehensive reporting.

RSI is committed to providing comprehensive, innovative advice and outstanding service.


Our 7-Step Process

Step 1 - Initial Interview. The purpose of the initial interview is to help you gain valuable perspective on your current financial condition. Through a discussion of your values, short- and long-term goals and current financial situation, a Financial Road Map is created, providing you with an overview of your current circumstances. Following this meeting, a written proposal will be mailed that outlines the issues that need to be addressed, with a timetable and a specific quote for our fees.

Step 2 - Data Gathering. At the second meeting, we review and copy your financial documents: tax returns, investment & retirement plan statements, insurance policies, loan documents, wills, trusts, etc. Financial goals are discussed and refined. Investment methodologies and preferences are discussed.

Step 3 - Analysis Preparation. We perform an initial analysis of your financial data incorporating your situation, goals, and attitudes using computer tools. Financial strategies and products are researched, a written analysis of your current financial situation is prepared, initial recommendations are developed, and an investment policy statement is created.

Step 4 - Analysis Presentation.At the third meeting, your initial analysis, recommendations, and investment policy are reviewed and discussed. Your input is solicited and recommendations are discussed and refined

Step 5 - Plan Preparation. The initial analysis is revised to become the Financial Plan. A step-by-step action plan is developed. We draw up the paperwork required to implement the recommendations and the investment policy.

Step 6 - Plan Presentation. The Financial Plan is presented. Tasks are assigned and the paperwork is completed.

Step 7 - On Going Wealth Management.After implementation, the Financial Plan is maintained through the ongoing wealth management process. Frequency of progress meetings is determined by mutual agreement. In no event will progress meetings be scheduled less frequently than semi-annually. Areas that will be addressed include investment portfolio and performance review, income tax review and planning, review of goals and progress when necessary, and cash flow planning for current and subsequent 3 years.