Review Services, Inc. (RSI) exists to provide not only long-term value-added financial counsel and investment performance, but exceptional service as well. RSI works as a team with clients to establish and achieve their financial life goals. Our financial planning and investment management philosophies are based on a straightforward idea...achieving your goals. Financial planning and investment management decisions are interrelated, and the most suitable decisions are reached in an integrated, orderly manner. We believe with responsible decisions, reasonable expectations, and vigilant, attentive counsel, each client can achieve financial success.


Who Should Consider Review Services, Inc.

  • Individuals who know there are no easy answers
  • Individuals lacking the time, knowledge, inclination, and temperament to “go-it-alone” in personal financial matters
  • Individuals seeking professional management and overall coordination for their lifetime savings and goals
  • Individuals in search of an organized, coordinated, structured, and disciplined approach to their financial lives
  • Investors who welcome time as an ally and patience as a virtue in building investment portfolios


Our Competitive Advantages Work Best With Clients Who believe…

  • Investing is part of financial planning, not an end in itself.
  • A balanced, global portfolio construction approach, and agree that diversification, not market timing, is the prudent investment approach.
  • Financial planning and investment management are lifelong endeavors as contrasted with one-time engagements.
  • Team with RSI in managing the totality of their financial and investment affairs.
  • A personable, independent firm that puts clients needs and concerns first.


We believe….

  • Comprehensive financial planning, along with the entire spectrum of wealth-planning techniques, may increase the financial well-being of our clients
  • Diversification among asset classes may increase the probability of success
  • Proactively researched, selected, and monitored managers add value to investment portfolios
  • Most people are unaware of how much it will take to be financially successful
  • Reducing investment costs will improve your investment results
  • Comprehensive planning should serve the values and goals of the client, not the tax code


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